Constant Signal. Local Language. Open Group.

Open Space

Provide an open space so others can easily join and participate.

However, and this is important, this open space should be in cyberspace, not in meatspace. Meatspace can come later, meetups and all.

Meatspace doesn’t scale. Cyberspace does.

Easy to Join

The group should be open to the public and easy to join. Like this:


Use whatever works. Here is what worked for others:


I can’t stress this enough:

  • Don’t start with meetups.
  • Or, more accuratly: don’t expect meetups to scale.

Here is one way to think about it: Meetups GROW OUT OF CYBERSPACE.

Don’t get me wrong. Meetups are great. However, they don’t scale. Not on their own.

You have to build the network in cyberspace. You have to create a beacon. You have to focus on cyberspace first. Don’t know where to start? Have a look at the blueprint.

Also, consider going on a PlebWalk instead of going through the hassle of organizing a meetup.

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